deal with this in politicrit later.


deal with this in politicrit later.


note my new blog politicrit is up and running. there is also a link to it in the course links. (top part blogroll to left)


computer assisted reporting sound interesting doesn't it?

sorry, its not really. well, it could be. our class is learning excel in the slowest way possible. and i'm truly more interested in content-what we could find on the web, why these stories could have some impact in our community, etc...

our class is totally spread out on the computer-experience spectrum. this makes for frustration of everyone. those who don't "get it" or can't remember what we did last week feel like its moving too quickly. those who do spend the first hour counting the hairs on the back of their hands or blogging nasty things, as i am now.

i admit it would not be an easy course to teach, and would not take on the task myself, but that doesn't make me any more interested in it. as far as i can tell it is not a required skill for landing a job at an alternative paper. most locals don't even use it.


loves insects, hates war

she blogged an entry about the poets against the war and entered a poem that she submitted to their site.
i've not been impressed with 90% of poetry i've read, but this one is wonderful. it is beautiful and sad and well done.

there will be a reading in the "poets against the war" realm right here in bemidji, february 12. It will be at the Cabin Coffeehouse in the p.m.

saturday night i found a movie called "gaudi afternoon" at the movie gallery. since the ghost and the mice were keeping me at a pretty high anxiety level, i watched it very, very late in the evening.

plot: 2.5 of 5 tangerines
acting: 3.5 of 5 blood oranges
costumes: 4.5 of 5 navel oranges
architecture and design: 5 of 5 tangelos


joggua is blogging about the designs for the rebuiling of the trade towers. interesting. this semester steve sundahl is teaching a history of modern design course for the visual arts department. in class the other day he mentioned a group of people pushing for the use of a design by Antoni Gaudi, the Spanish Art Nouveau architect. this bbc article has a small image and a good story about Gaudi's 95 yo buildin plan.
bar-web-ports in bemidji

dear ms. blood,
i was just wondering if you could help me out with aome questions that i have about voice? if i wrote an entry while i was:

sober, under the influence of alcohol, pretending like i'm under the influence of alcohol,

could all of these modes be percieved as an authentic voice?

thanks for your help,
Stiles explains that you need some skin to keep the nuggets succulent; 15% is about right, he reckons.

In one-third of the samples, the label was misleading about the nugget's meat content. One pack of nuggets contained only 16% meat, 30% less than it claimed. (And skin, of course, counts as "meat").

the above quotes come from a guardian article that rebecca blood blogged. this reporter went to extreme lengths to investigate the european chicken nugget trade/production/process. it is absolutely disgusting to read but well worth it. if you have ever wondered where the mc nuggets come from, read this. if you plan on eating them in the future, you may also want to read this. if you care about your body and what you put into it, read this. if you want to spike your own interest chickens and what new hormones and antibiotics are found in them, read this.